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As per title I have recently bought and built up a Ritchey Road Logic in 51cm. I thought I would share some of the build photos though please excuse the Iphone quality of these:











Full Build List:

Frame: Ritchey Road Logic Frameset 51cm
Forks: Ritchey Full Carbon
Bars: Use Summit Alloy 42cm
Stem: Thomson X2 100mm
Headset: Ritchey WCS Integrated
Bar Tape: Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo (Big mistake gets dirty far too easy though is comfy, probably just go for Black next time. Open to suggestions)

Front Caliper: 5800 Shimano 105
Rear Caliper: Sram Apex (saved a few quid and rear doesn't seem to make much difference)

Shifters: 5800 Shimano 105 11 speed
Front Mech: 5800
Rear Mech: 5800

Seat: Specialised Toupe ti 130mm
Seat Post: Thomson Elite 27.2

Crankset: Shimano Ultegra 46/36 165mm Cranks
Chain: Shimano 5800
Cassette: Shimano 5800
Pedals: Time iClic 2 Racer
Bottom Bracket: Ultegra 6800

Wheels: H Plus Son Archetype with Miche Primato Hubs 20 Front 28 Rear (Built by Cycle Clinic)
Tube: Whatever cheap generic tube a I last fitted
Tyre: Fortezza Tricomp 700x23 (will go for 25mm when wear out)

Weight: 8.4Kg

I have ridden about 100 miles so far and I am really enjoying the comfort of steel after having ridden Aluminium Bikes for the last few years. It just seems to float over the sort of cracked road surfaces that would jolt before. It is also less twitchy so I feel more confident whilst cornering. Oh and before anyone say anything I will not be slamming the stem any time soon as I am a slightly overweight 38 year old who doesn't have the flexibility. As it is the seat has been raised by 20-30mm since these were taken as the seatpost had slipped due to the seatpost bolt needing to be tighted above the usual 5nm.


  • matt-h
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    THats it! I have to have one!

    That looks so good!

  • Wish people would stop posting pictures of these, so tempting :D
    Agree, I think black bar tape would look even better.
  • The more I see these, the more I want one. Very nice indeed.
  • gwillis
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    Nice build .... I love mine. My only concern is the clearance on the front mech to the tyre I'm using 6800 the new front mech arm is close on a 25mm tyre so I'm not sure a 28mm would fit .

    Regardless nice build
  • Nodey
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    Do you still have the ritchey and if so what's your long term view of it, ride, comfort and handling etc?
  • gwillis
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    Still have mine and love it . I now have cosmic carbones on it too. Handles superb and eats the miles up . I found it ok in the Alps and solid as a rock on the descents . Would I buy another .... Yes
  • Nodey
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    That certainly sounds like a shining endorsement, thanks for that gwillis.

    One of my concerns relates to sizing; I'm probably erring towards a size 51, but my main concern relates to the front end (it's pretty low at 115 mm, the 53 is too long in the top tube really).

    I'd be interested to know how many spacers stevie63 has used (including the ritchey cap) as many more and I think would start to look wrong.
  • Garry H
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    Looks like 3CMs of spacers under the stem
  • gaanrowl
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    Had mine nearly 12 month, Love it, i have barley used my carbon bike since i built the Ritchey.
  • luv2ride
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    I still keep looking at these. Something about the aesthetic really appeals, and I think would continue to do so over the coming years. A 'significant' birthday is approaching, and if I survive the next planned restructure at work I may well go for the 0% credit card and get one (of course, if I don't survive there could be a redundancy pay out.....hmmmmm).

    Anyone running this with 28m tyres and SRAM Force? Wondering if there might be similar FD clearance issues as referenced by gwillis...
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  • hazy_day
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    Hovering over the buy button on one of these and was wondering how you find the head tube length on the 51. Don't know whether to go for a 51 or 53. I'm 5'7" with a 30" inseam. Lovely build.
  • gwillis
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    I'm 5ft 8 31inch leg riding a 53cm with 120cm stem fits like a bloody glove
  • hazy_day
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    Great thanks for that.
  • stevie63
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    I've just noticed that this thread has sprung back to life. I am 5 foot 7 with a 31" inseam and as you can see I went for a 51cm. I think the 53cm top tube would have been slightly too long but it's hard tosay for certain. What I can say for certain is the Road Logic is a lovely ride, so much so that sometimes I think the roads round here have been re-surfaced but when I look down I can see they are as broken as before. I am still running the 3.5cm of spacers on top of the cone spacer.
  • Nodey
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    Just pressed the button on a size 51, can't wait to build it up. Have a little used Genesis Volare 853 with Chris King headset of anyone's interested?

    Will try to post some pics of the Ritchey when built.
  • hazy_day
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    Price,size and colour of the Volare please. Thanks
  • Unamed2.0
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    Hi. I've bought a Ritchey Road Logic frame to build up, but I hit a small issue installing the headset and I wondered if I could ask the advice of some of you owners?

    I have a Ritchey WCS drop-in headset (that came supplied with the frame) and I'm struggling to fit the conical-shaped headset cover (i.e. the last piece) down over the steerer tube, due to a rubber seal on the inside of the cover. Did any of you struggle with this? If so, how did you overcome it? I haven't tried with any grease yet as I'm worried it might affect the seal (by perhaps pushing it out of it's housing inside the cap or something).

    I've posted a similar question in another part of the forum but then I chanced upon this thread - if anyone has any comment I'd be grateful for them. Thanks.
  • stevie63
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    On mine as I recall the cone spacer just pushed on with a little push. I don't remember it being an issue.