Changed Winter Tyres...

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Haven't had any ice for a few weeks, and yesterday was really warm, so I decided to take off my winter tyres. Jokingly said to the other half that it would probably be six feet of snow.

Approximately 10 minutes after finishing the changeover yesterday, the sky darkened and this happened - this is taken from my garage, (my bike is behind me still on the stand!)! :roll:

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  • slowbike
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    I put my studded tyres on sometime in December I think ... rode them to work once or twice and they've sat there idle ever since (I have two wheelsets) - swapped them back for the normal CX tyres a few weeks ago and that's that ... no snow or ice to worry about this winter ... so far!
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    I took my studded tyres off at the weekend - the silent riding is such a joy!! (and since then it's only been gale force winds rather than ice!)