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Irwell Sculpture Trail, Rossendale

grannyjonesgrannyjones Posts: 3
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I'm planning a fairly long mountain bike ride and on one part of the route I need to get between Bacup (Lee Quarry) and Edenfield relatively quickly & would really like to avoid having to ride on the A682/A681/A56. I looked at few maps and noticed the Irwell Sculpture Trail. Apart from being potentially boring, is this a decent trail for getting from A to B with minimum fuss (i.e. decent surfaces, not too many gates, ridable, not too many dogwalkers on weekends, etc) ?

Of cause I'm only interested in the part from Bacup to Edenfield. I can find so little about this trail on line and was wondering if anyone has ridden this part of it.


  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 6,803
    Pretty easy to do, from half way round the Lee Quarry loop there is an exit on your left up to Cragg Quarry. Take this road and as you hit the main trail ahead go right.

    Follow it downhill for a few hundred yards then bear left still following the road. Stay on this trail and you'll end up going down a fairly steep road, follow this down and you'll end up on Edenfield Road. As you hit the road turn roght and you'll be in Edenfield in about 1/2 a mile or so.

    And you also have the opertunity to do Cragg Quarry on your way which IMO is better than Lee Quarry.
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  • Thanks for the reply but I'm already planning to come that sort of way on the ride from Edenfield to Lee Quarry, as I'm planning to come up the coal road, across Scout Moor, Cragg Quarry, connector path descent, then Lee Quarry.

    I was just looking for an alternative route on the ride back to Edenfield from the bottom of Lee Quarry to make the ride a circular and without having to go back on myself. I just noticed the Irwell Sculpture Trail on the maps and was thinking of using that but I don't know what its like
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