Weird Sound

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I just dusted down my summer bike from it's last outing late Summer last year. It is in showroom condition and was built back up after a crash last Spring. The 2000 odd miles I did on it last summer were sublime.

Anyway, I noticed a strange grind / resonation around the front of it. I seemed to narrow it down to the wheel area however the sound seems like it is coming from the carbon frame which is odd. The pads are not in contact, the wheel is true and when I undid the quick release, this was the only action that stopped it. However once I did the quick release back up again and spun the wheel at a slow speed it made a high pitched resonation sound all by itself, which then stopped and didn't come back. Doesnt do it 100% of the time, just really small movements and the bike emits this creak or sometimes groan. It's not under any load either. It's really weird.

I also noticed a clicky sound in my headset when turning left to right. I thought this was the internal cable routing rubbing against the wire housing as that is what it sounds like but having tested it a bit more it may be coming from within, almost like a dry / over tightened headset. The bearings were all replaced recently so it shouldn't be those.

Any ideas?