Play in Novatec F482SB-SL rear hub

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I have noticed a slight bit of play in my novatec rear hub. It's noticeable when moving the rim from side to side. The end caps of the hub are done up tight so that's not the problem. Could it be the bearings need changing?? The hub has only done 300 miles but i've heard that the original bearings don't last long and don't like wet conditions.

Any ideas??


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    There's nothing much to a Novatec hub and replacement bearings are cheap. Get some replacements, as knocking out the old ones often damages them anyway and replace
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    Common problem with the 482SB. Seems like the original Taiwanese bearings are made of cheese and don't cope well with being ridden in wet conditions

    I had to replace the main hub bearings after one winter and about 5-600 miles. I swapped out the factory fitted ones with some SKF double sealed units about 2 years ago and these were still going strong when I sold the wheelset recently.

    This video instructs on the removal of old and fitting of new bearings.

    However you don't need that expensive looking set of bearing presses. A read at my experiences in this thread will give you an idea of the DIY approach. The step by step "guide" is towards the end.

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    Thanks for the responses guys, some useful info in there. I will get some new bearings ordered. I expected to have to change them at some point but not this soon!
  • If you are here it is probably because you have play in your Novatech rear hub and have searched BR. First off, check you have tightened up your quick release properly before you dash off buying bearings and tools. At least I now have spares. Just in case.
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    The bearings themselves are good quality, it's the grease inside that lets them down (not water resistant). It's the same with many industrial bearings used in wet environments. I always clean then repack 100% with waterproof/marine grease- even with new bearings.
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    You can get hybrid ceramic bearings: ... ybrid.html for the drive-side and Enduro steel for the NDS: I've found the ceramics last longer, and that it's usually the DS bearing that goes. You can also replace the bearings in the freehub with hybrids - ignore people who say it's difficult, because it isn't, but you do need at least a ghetto bearing press and some appropriate sockets (or a proper press kit).
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    Seeing as this thread has been resurrected and I was the OP i'll add my experience of this. I did change the bearings for some better quality ones (SKF I think) and have done nearly 3000 miles since with no problems. If I was to buy these hubs again (which is likely) I would probably just change the bearings for better ones before starting the build