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Hi all,
I am seeking some advice about which road bike I should purchase as my first ever road bike.
I am very restricted on my options as I am using the cycle 2 work scheme and my employers have restricted where I can use my voucher to just Halfords :( £1000
I have narrowed it down to just Three bikes. Not really much choice.
Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike 2014
Boardman Road Team Carbon Limited Edition 2014
13 Intuition Alpha Road Bike 2015

After a little bit of research I have found out some info.
Boardman was purchased by Halfords and is a reliable and well known name, this particular road bike (Boardman Road Team Carbon) was rated on a few sites as the best road bike to purchase under £1000... But then Halfords created there own almost identical bikes in the 13 brand. The 13 Intuition Alpha has similar frame properties but a few better components this is where I have become a tad uncertain and confused on choice... do I go and purchase the reliable Boardman or do I get the new brand unproven but with slightly better specifications... If it was based on looks I would choose the Alpha but I don't want something that could potentially be a waste of money.
Looking for some friendly experienced advice on this matter as you can not test the bikes at Halfords just sit on them with permission. Would be using the bike to travel 10 miles to work and 10 miles back Mon-Fri and maybe race amateur on a weekend once a month...


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    My choice would be the Boardman with Sram for no other reason than I prefer the changing to Shimano. So really any of Boardmans would be fine IMO, cannot comment on the other one but seems OK.

    If you do get a bike from Halfords make sure you check everything is tightened up and set up correctly as some of the stores don't have great reputations for bike mechanics knowledge.
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    Hello and welcome,

    Of the bikes you have linked to the thing that I spotted was that both the Boardman bikes have 28F/32R spoke wheels 25mm tyres, whereas the Intuition 13 Alpha bike has 20F/24R spoke wheels 23mm tyres, which depending on your weight my not be robust enough for you intended commuting use.

    Spec wise the bikes are similar, you have spotted that the 13 Alpha bike has a rear chainstay mounted brake?
    Also are you bothered about having mudguard provision and have you checked whether these bikes can be fitted with mudguards?
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    I'd go Boardman and agree about mudguards (although crud road racer guards will fit most bikes anyway). I too prefer SRAM but would be happy with shimano.
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    Too much white on the second bike. A white frame,tyres,stem,hoods,rear mech,seatpost and saddle is definiety an acquired taste. Spec wise between them there is not much in it . The aero brakes on the 13 will give you less upgrade options. But looks sleeker. Based on visuals, i like the racier look of the 13 Intuition Alpha. But not the white colour.

    edit: I'd choose the Boardman :) cant go wrong with black. They also hold their value if you ever plan to sell it.
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    chainstay mounted rear brakes are notorious for rubbing even on much more expensive bikes so that would rule it out for me. Boardman have proven to be amongst the best value bikes at this price range so I'd say go for that as you'll want to enjoy riding it and not constantly fettling with a rear brake. Just make sure it fits you properly as different bikes have different geometries.

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