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New to MTB

mattyharmanmattyharman Posts: 16
edited April 2015 in Your mountain bikes
New to MTB.... this was delivered last week on the C2W scheme. Cube AIM SL29. So far im happy with it.





  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Very nice, but I hope you're not riding it with the saddle down there
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • robertpb wrote:
    Very nice, but I hope you're not riding it with the saddle down there

    lol, no mate..... that was how it was delivered. way up high now! :wink:
  • darmelabidarmelabi Posts: 19
    Very nice. Got any upgrades planned - the pedals look quite basic? I'm waiting on the Cycle To Work scheme - how long did yours take from quote to delivery?
  • Yeah everythings basic/standard on mine at the moment. Only just added the enduroguards instead of massive mud guards. In total it took around 3weeks to get the bike on the C2W scheme. (all depends on your employer as i belive some run the scheme twice a year and some do it all year round. Check with your HR dept) Took 2 weeks to get all the documents sorted out and approved then 3-4 days to deliver the bike. Make sure you check for FREE delivery before signing up. Don't want to be stung with a delivery charge. (Unless you can physically pick it up). I ordered mine from TREDZ in Swansea.
  • darmelabidarmelabi Posts: 19
    Cheers, I just got confirmation that I've been approved so I'm off down to my local bike shop tomorrow to get them to order it in. Keep posting any upgrades :-)
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