Genesis Volare 853 2015

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Got this at the start of last month. Been using and abusing it ever since and just had to swap in a new chain after a couple of thousand km or so. Got it at an absolute steel of a price, given the framesets are meant to retail for £900 I only paid slightly more than that for the full bike :mrgreen:

Genesis Volare 853 56cm frameset.
105 shifters, mechs, brakes and carbon pedals.
Ultegra chainset, chain and cassette.
Some cheap crap shimano wheels paired with 25mm 4 seasons.
SLR Flow saddle stolen from the old bike.
Cheap Pro finishing kit.
Couple of nice steel bottle cages.

That's about it. Lovely bike to ride, got it simply as I wanted to keep the CAAD for nicer days and the old bike was showing its age. It's a lovely bike to train on, quite heavy at 9.5kg but that's not a problem for me. Ended up racing on it a few weeks ago as a spur of the moment thing and it did the job fine, except for the gearing, 50/34 isn't exactly ideal.


Lovely bike, comfy enough to ride all day. From race circuits to the cobbles of Flanders I've never once been unhappy with it.