chain length for track

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Will a KMC K710 with 100 links be long enough for 48 x 18 gearing?


  • Short answer is you would need to try it

    Longer answer is it depends on the following

    Chain stay length so how far the wheel is from the bottom bracket

    Where it sits in the drop outs again it moves the wheel back and forth

    Size of the gear chain ring and sprocket sizes

    If you have a flipflop hub (double sided hub) you need to work out the chain length to suit both gear sizes

    If you run a rear brake you need to set up the position of the rear wheel position to suit and adjust the chain again for both if using a double sided hub.

    You can get crank and half links to help you get the wheel in the best position for the above these are pictured on the page in the link below you need to scroll down a bit to the half and crank links ... connectors
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    As above - a lot would depend on the frame type/chainstay length. No simple yes/no answer..