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Cube Agree GTC Race sizing help needed

saemisaemi Posts: 5
edited March 2015 in Road buying advice

I have decided on my first real road bike which is the Cube Agree GTC Race 2015 (

I am having a hard time deciding on the frame-size :? . Here are some of my measurements:
Height: 193 cm (6'3 feet)
Inside leg: 94 cm (37 in)
Trunk: 65 cm
Forearm: 34 cm
Reach: 64 cm (from middle of shoulder to grip of hand)
Arm span: 196 cm (fingertip to fingertip)
Weight: 91 kg
Age: 40
Use of bike: Intent to commute to work and longer weekend rides. No heavy racing planned (for now). So looking for comfort over speed.

Based on the Cube size guide ( I should get a 64cm based on height but (94x0,665=62,5) 62cm based on inside leg measurements.

I have been told that Cube sizes are a bit smaller so they aren´t fully compatible with other brands. I have read that when between sizes it is good to go up a size for comfort.

Anybody with similar measurements have experience with the Cube Agree GTC?



  • indypindyp Posts: 735
    Cube road frames do come up small. The 62cm has a 58cm seat tube length which at 6ft 2 and half I would probably go for, but then my inside leg is only 33". If you're 6ft 4" with 37 inch inside leg then 64cm may be the way to go, but you should try one for size before buying, and Cube is a popular make so there should be stockists within a sensible distance.
  • giarcgiarc Posts: 54
    I'm your height and have a 62cm Agree if that helps
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