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Laduree and Pierre Hermes to see who does the best macaroon. Oh the sun is shining. Lunch in the park seano? We can picnic and I'll lay a blanket out for you
Stevo 666 wrote: Come on you Scousers! 20/12/2014


  • pinnopinno Posts: 42,742
    Horse and cart around Hyde Park first or a shopping trolley? If you want to shag Seano, the latter.
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    Not a bad Friday for me, I did feel very sluggish on my way into work this morning, I was even starting to think the brakes might have been rubbing or the wind was picking up (in fact the brakes were fine and the wind was lessening).

    But new groupset and wheels arrived yesterday so going to stick them on the Basso this weekend and shift some of the other parts around on the other frames so should have more bikes than I need and all better than my level of cycling will ever need by Sunday! Marvelous! - a site for sore eyes
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    Thought I would post on this Friday thread as the other one seems to suggest that the week has ended and as mine has barely started because I forgot which day we started the week on and by the time I worked out what was what it was Friday and now it is fairly late in the day to start at all I think I will start my week tomorrow and have a relaxed long week and end it a week on Sunday and start next week on the Monday and then I will only be a week behind everyone else, apart from Manc33 :D
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • verylonglegsverylonglegs Posts: 3,640
    Chris Bass wrote: should have more bikes than I need and all better than my level of cycling will ever need...

    Yup, pretty much describes everyone on this forum.
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