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Crankset to fit BMC GF01

bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
edited March 2015 in Workshop
Hi guys,

Looking for suggestions for my build...

I have a SL-K crankset, but its BB30 and won't work with the BB86 on the BMC.

I know shimano cranksets will work, but I have SRAM Red bits for the rest so the tart in me doesn't want to go that route...(i know, I was going to put on SL-K....but it was super light, and black and red which matched lovely!)

SRAM GXP cranks will work with an adapter, just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions as the SRAM Red crankset is very, very dear!

Any suggestions appreciated - can't wait to get the bike out on the road.


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