Ladies Hybrid.

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My wife is wishing to start cycling with me but isn't confident to try a road bike,for now.
So,should anyone know of a decent bike in Ex condition I would be interested.She is about 5.5 tall.
We are in EastRiding of Yorkshire.


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    Try CTC site for sales and also wanted ... more hybids there
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    Many thanks.Will do.
  • I'm really glad your wife wants to start cycling with you! I'm not going to do a hard sell here but when I started I wanted a hybrid too, I didn't feel confident to ride a road bike with skinny tires and funny handlebars. The bike shop reassured me and convinced me to get a road bike and I found it really wasn't that scary. A lot of entry level road bikes have a second set of break levers on top of the bars, so you can still ride it like a hybrid and it's much nicer to have less resistance and go a little faster for a bit less effort.

    At the end of the day it's important to go with what she feels comfortable riding - the most important thing is to enjoy it, but I'm glad I got persuaded.
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