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TV licence



  • earthearth Posts: 934
    gingaman wrote:
    earth wrote:
    I also rarely watch any adverts because there are almost none on uTube.

    There are many, many adverts on YouTube. Fortunately they allow one to skip after the first 5 seconds on most adverts, Generally before anything of substance even happens. A large number of ads I have caught the first 5 seconds of, have been completely baffling as to what they are advertising.
    They are, however, starting to force you to watch up to 3 mins of ads before your video in some cases though.

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    It's inevitable I suppose. But I maintain even with the ads you can skip I can't remember when I last watched one.
  • ballysmateballysmate Posts: 14,142
    The BBC whine about the licence fee not being raised and people complain about national sporting events being lost to subscription tv but this year, they had sole rights to the open.
    I'm not a golfist but if I were I would be miffed at the BBC failing to broadcast 6 hours of the final day's play. They went with their usual daytime drivel instead.
    Could you imagine Sky making such a decision?
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