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Rolf Prima Vigor Wheelset - where's the review BikeRadar?

CjmcCjmc Posts: 13
Guys I've been checking back for some time now since Bike Radar published in Sep 2014 that they received a new set of Rolf Prima Vigor a wheels and we're looking forward to putting them through some tests before getting to a full review. They are pretty unique looking wheels with the twin paired spokes and I'd be keen to hear your review before purchasing, but it's some 6-months on and I've seen nothing yet. Any plans to release your views soon on this? Anyone got a set?



  • BR_GregorBR_Gregor Posts: 222 Communities Editor
    Hi Chris, I haven't seen them personally but I'll ask around the team and get back to this thread shortly.

    Communities and On Your Bike Editor, BikeRadar
  • CjmcCjmc Posts: 13
    Cheers Gregor. Oil Woodman originally posted the first look article so maybe he has them? Here's the article: ... -in-38070/
  • Hi Chris,

    I'm not sure why the BikeRadar review didn't appear, but I reviewed these for Triathlon Plus (now a different company) before moving to BikeRadar, so can let you know my thoughts.

    I've used the wheels quite a bit and found them to be a really good halfway house between regular low profile clinchers and deeper wheels. Rolf Prima reckons there's 4:26 to be saved over a 180km time trial as opposed to a set of Mavic’s Ksyrium SL wheels – 1 minute in a 40km effort.

    They definitely feel faster than regular low profile wheels, wind up to speed well and hold that momentum well too – without any of the crosswind problems associated with deeper wheels. They remained easy to control even on TT rigs and were as fast as some other 50mm wheels I've dabbled with.

    The low spoke count didn't cause any problems for me – I'm 68kg, but not the most powerful rider out there – do about 24mins for a 10-mile TT. The wheels stayed true throughout testing and didn't appear prone to flex-induced brake rub. Their low weight (for aero wheels – 1,450g) helps on the climbs.

    Naturally, the alloy braking surface gives consistent, powerful braking too.

    Hope that helps!


  • CjmcCjmc Posts: 13
    Cheers Tom, good to hear you rate them and thanks for your reply. I currently ride on Easton EA90 RT wheels which are 1,550g and decent all round performers. They've a 24mm rim depth and exposed nipples. I was looking for something with a bit more aero performance for long sportives and no heavier (lighter if possible). Choices were the common Mavic Cosmic SLS but they're heavy and too common. I wanted something more unusual. I did quite like the idea of a full black wheel but was put off by the potential braking issues with carbon (I come from a 180mm XTr trail disc break on a MTB) and can't find any aluminium ones with black braking sections. Then I saw these wheels with their paired spokes and understood the technology but was slightly nervous (I considered the ares4 but your old magazine gave them a poor review). I'd obviously get the non alpha version (only difference I believe is an extra paired spoke on front wheel and 40g, but for the money £700-800 is there anything out there much better as an all rounder? I did look at Visions T42 and ritcheys 46mm carbon clincher, both heavier.

  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the slow response!

    The Vigours would probably suit you well if you want something unusual, quite light and with decent braking performance. How much do you weigh and how do you like to climb? If you sit and spin, I can't see any problems – if you stay in the big ring and get out the saddle, you might find a bit of flex there (but you will with almost anything).

    As for other options, well the weight's usually the issue when you start looking for aero. I've not managed to find anything as light as the Rolfs. Zipp 30 Clinchers are a good comparison for the Vigours – a claimed 42sec saved over 40km (compared to 60sec for the Vigours - all claimed of course) and come in at 1675g. You can get them for £500 though, so the lower end of your budget.

    Between the two, I'd go for the Rolfs.

  • CjmcCjmc Posts: 13
    Hi Tom, thanks for response. I weigh in the region of 85KG, though likely to be down a few KG before a big sportive. Climbing I'd try to stay in the saddle but inevitably I would be up out of it trying to power up shorter climbs. The side to side movement I've noticed flexes in the easton EA90 RT when climbing.

    I think everything is pointing me towards the rolf. I'd nearly be tempted to go for the Ares4 for the full carbon look (pity the roofs don't have that black coating mavic do on the aluminium brake strip) but I think the vigors are better value and look good

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