chain splitting

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hi all,

do you really need to get an 11 speed chain splitting tool to split an 11 speed shimano chain? I'm under the impression that the pins are the same diameter in 10 and 11 speed chains so a 10 speed chain splitter would do the job?



  • arlowood
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    If it's any help, I've just split an 11-speed KMC chain using the old chain splitter I've had lying around for some years now. Wasn't a problem.

    Not absolutely sure,however, if the Shimano chains has specific needs in that respect
  • dgunthor
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    no, a normal tool will be fine
  • cheers, one less tool to buy!
  • Man Of Lard
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    11-speed chain is of course marginally narrower than 10-speed so there's a chance that your 10-speed tool won't fit inside the link to be able to press the pin through... only way to be certain is to try it (and see if it fits - no need to actually follow through and split the chain) - better to do that at home than find out it doesn't work 50 miles from the nearest 11-speed chain-breaker...