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Canyon IPU headset cap

cannonfoddercannonfodder Posts: 183
edited March 2015 in MTB workshop & tech

I'm trying to refit the IPU headset cap on my Canyon- but it's a really tight fit even with the bolt removed. It won't slide down the steerer by hand - seems to need wedging open to move it. This makes adjusting the headset a little trickier. Have I got this completely wrong?


  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    IPU is Canyon's system to stop the bars spinning. Looks a pretty nifty system and much better than the Acros headset's but unfortunately your frame has to be designed for it.

    How tight have you done the bolt previously? According to the pic on the Canyon site it's only meant to be tightened to 3nm. It is possible you've overtightened it and now it's too tight even with the bolt removed. I've seen it happen to a few stems before. Try levering it apart slowly off the bike and see if that helps.
  • Hi, no it's the first time I've taken it off. It can be moved by completely removing the pinch bolt and wedging it open slightly (still tight) but I expected it to be easily movable like a stem once the bolt is undone. It all seems too simple to be anything wrong with it- so I think that maybe I'm missing a trick.
  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    It is possible whoever assembled it over tightened it then. On the other hand it is meant to stop the bars spinning so it is possible it really is meant to be that tight. As you can tell I have no actual experience of this.

    Maybe shoot Canyon an email? If anyone is going to know it will be them.
  • Yes maybe it is really meant to be that tight. Dropped Canyon a message - hoping they come back with a magic technique...

    Will post back
  • Canyon UK said that it is supposed to have really tight tolerances and they use a rubber mallet to tap down the spacers to push the cap down
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