Eastway R3.0

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This arrived earlier in a box far far to big for it. Not had chance to set anything up as yet as it decided to start raining just as I took the rather rubbish photo. Been doing MTB for a few years now but seeing as theres loads of people on road bikes round my way thought may as well join in an keep in shape.

Saddles and bars are not set reflectors will come off an I'll start with some flats pedeals for a day or two till I'm used to it then transfer my SPDs over. Only had chance to roll on it up the hall much to the other half's amusement. Anyway one photo.



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    bit of an update after having the bike a while ive changed a few bits for comfort more than anything. 10mm shorter stem flipped to give a small rise new saddle and tyres after finding out how scary the stock ones were in the wet.
    Stem was just one I had lurking in a box for a commuter build.
    Settled on a Selle Italia SLR Tekflo saddle no more numbness in the groin finally!
    Tyres I borrowed a friends wheels after the slice in the tyre. Came with Conti GP Classics and couldn't fault them plus I liked the look so ended up getting a pair.

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    That's quite nice in a subdued kind of way.

    Am I the only one thinking the Eastway graphic is using the same font as Subway?? It's making me hungry, and today's a fasting day!
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    Id not noticed that till you mentioned it but yes does seem strikingly similar. May have to get a sub an plonk it into one of those bottle cages :lol:

    I swapped out the seatpost this morning before riding. Youll notice the saddles sat all the way forward on the post. I put an inline post in and sat the saddle more centrally. 40km later perfect I was getting numbness in the groin. Now no such problems today so so very pleased.
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    Took a tumble the other week thanks to some nicely placed tacks on the way out to Olney, couple of scuffs for me but the bars and a shifter took a heavy hit, shifter seems fine after a new rubber hood bars had a lovely bend on the left drop. Wasnt a huge loss the drop was very shallow so I replaced it with a new deda trentacinque 35 bar an stem combo. Apologies for the badly wrapped bars was my first go the right ones really bad.



    Tops of the bar looks stupidly thick here


    So far feels lovely little trundle round on the tops its quite weird how chunky it is and the carbon seems to has dulled the road buzz a little more. Needs a bigger ride to judge. That an re taping properly!
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    Thought id update this as its moved on a touch. The chainrings were too big I couldnt make it up hills despite having a 11-32 cassette on so swapped them out for a set of 50-36T rivals bonus that they weigh less.
    Had a massive lockup on the contis playing dodge the randomly stopping cyclist on a charity ride. Both seemed fine but started seeing cord. Also I couldnt get mud guards under, now I can though so happy days.

    New tyres are Michilin Pro4 endurance, no bar tape im useless with the stuff so waiting on some ribbon I can wrap an re wrap till im happy, chains super saggy after dropping down chainring size not sized it down yet.
    Bike looks much better to me now at least.

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    So, I marmited the bike, personally I like it stands out an new rims are nearly half a kilo lighter. Only thing annoying me is the spacers cant find the carbon ones I had an the seatpost which weighs far to much.
    Went out for a blast on it earlier enjoyed some hail (ouch) loved it an much quicker to accelerate.

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    Nice... those rims are really looking good. And I take it the hill climbing is better now.
    How's the bar tape wrapping? (I've just wrapped mine two tone)

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    Certainly felt the benefit on the hills and acceleration it was noticeably better, hubs also have a nice tick to them which is always a plus.

    Did manage to tape them I used some Selle Italia smooth tape, being only semi tacky made life easier. By no means perfect but far far better than I've managed in the past.
    I weighed it yesterday came out at 9.48Kg which does me nicely, some weight will come off when I get some better uncaged pedals these were really to help me get used to being clipped in but it was never designed to set the super light world alight.
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    Boring update,

    Had a bike fit to sort a couple of issues, went back to a layback post and rolled the stem forward slightly.
    Picked up some lighter SPDs.
    Had to put on some new bartape weirdly the stuff on there shrunk after I was caught in some heavy rain so put some Lizard skins DSP on, not the perfect wrapping but it works.
    Last bit was a rear tyre had a piece of glass put a big hole in it.

    Lots of grey!

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    Revived this one as a winter ride an turbo bike. Turbo wheels fitted hence the daft colour

    Mix of Shimano an SRAM but its all behaving just waiting on some black bar tape to arrive an I'll call it done, no idea on weight an not overly fussed to be fair.

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    A "thumbs up" from me.

    Looks very purposeful. I like the alloy stem, bars + seatpost.