6.6kg Cinelli Starlight build

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Hi All

Just joined and thought I'd my bike build on the forum

Frame: Cinelli Starlight 51cm compact (56cm) 1100g
Fork: Columbus Muscle full Carbon 400g
Headset: Columbus 100g
Handlebars: Deda Anatomica 42cm 25.6mm 230g
Stem: Ambrosio Venturi 80mm 25.6 114g
Wheels: Pro-Lite Bracciano (incl Rim tape) 1510g
Skewers: uniQ Titanium 42g
Tyres: Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Evolution 205g x2
Innner Tubes: Vittoria ultra light 55g x2
Cassette: Campagnolo TISO/Marchisio 10s 11-30 225g
Lock ring Token Alu cnc 5g
Saddle: San Marco Racing Caymano 160g
Seat Post: Easton EC70 Carbon 200g
Brake/Shifters: Campagnolo Centaur Carbon 10s 400g (incl Cables)
Brakes: KCNC CB1 180g
Crankset: FSA Carbon Pro isis 172.5mm 50/34
with SRAM Powerglide chain rings 540g (incl 15mm bolts)
Bottom Bracket: Stronglight Twister Ti isis 185g
Pedals: xpedo thrust 8 Ti 175g
Rear Deraileur: Campgnolo Centaur Carbon 10 speed 236g
Front Deraileur: Campagnolo Record Carbon Ti 86g
Chain: Sram PC1091R hollow pin 104 links 235g

Weighs in at 6.75 kg including pedals or 6.6 kg without.


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    I like but better phots are needed. That coming from a guy that takes worse.
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    Nice build, I'm looking forwards to some better photos. I don't like bold graphics on a bike, but it always seems to work with Cinelli.
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    That seems light considering the components - have you weighed it or just added them up ?
    Used to lust after Cinelli's of that era - better photo's please.
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    Looks very nice, but i'm a little sceptical about the 'actual' weight.

    Skewers - weight of 1 or both?
    Cables and outers?

    I reckon thats more like a 7.2 - 7.5 kg bike.
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    Weighed it many times. Just weighed myself on the digital bathroom scales 67.9kg and then with the bike 74.7kg = 6.8kg, but only accurate to nearest 100g.

    However my local bike shop are going to weigh it for me on their proper bike scales so will post a picture of the weight afterwards to verify!

    Skewers 42g for the pair, no bottle cages as official manufacturer bike weights.

    Sorry about the picture quality - had problems with the up-loadable sizes!
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    OK worked out how to resize the photos - so here's 3 which appears to be the maximum you can post. Rear of bike to come!
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    Here's the rear - pictures taken chez moi in the Massif des Bauges, near Annecy and the route for stage 20 of the 2013 Tour de France.
  • Looks nice! I like some if the finishing touches like the red skewers. Great for adding some colour.
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    :D Don't worry about the pics of the scales.
    Great looking bike - enjoy

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    matt-h wrote:
    :D Don't worry about the pics of the scales.
    Great looking bike - enjoy


    Thanks Matt
    A pleasure to build over the last five years and a pleasure to ride in the mountains. Biggest pleasure though is that it only cost me 590€ to build taking into account buying parts on ebay UK and reselling the old parts here on ebay France where the prices are much higher.
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    OK everyone, at long last I took my Cinelli to Culture Velo in Annecy and had it weighed on professional bike scales. Comes in at 6.84kg including pedals which equates to 6.66 kg bike shop, no pedals weight. Frankly chuffed to bits that I was only out by 40g on my estimate. Now just need to add 1.5kg of addition stuff and water, plus 65kg of me and ready to get riding!!
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    of you living in Annecy that is... 8)
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    That's lighter than my cervelo R3 with full super record/ 0g Ti brakes and 1350g wheels was. Bizarre.
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    That's lighter than my cervelo R3 with full super record/ 0g Ti brakes and 1350g wheels was. Bizarre.
    A full kilo less than my mates Cannondale super six Di2 that cost 4000€ - not bad for for a 590€ build :D