Are Pendleton bikes any good?

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Halfords has a range of Pendleton bikes and was wondering if they are any good? Unfortunately they don't have specs on the website... I'm looking for a ladies commuter bike under £300. I'll be grateful for advice! ... id-bike-18




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    The dutch-style bikes in the range are weighty - but then again they usually are. The more standard offerings in the Pendleton range are about the right weight for the money as far as I could tell when my wife was checking them out.

    My wife chose the Pendleton Somerby and she loves it. Yes it is heavy with a basket on the front along with the stylish medal mudguards and chain guard. It is well built though and my wife has had zero trouble with hers in the 2 years she has been riding it. The saddle on the Somerby is astonishing - like a sofa - I wish could get away with a saddle like than on my road bike! :mrgreen:
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    There's a review here:

    Not exactly gushing with praise.
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    Got my daughter a Pendleton Initial, was £180 with my BC discount and stunningly good value. Maybe not quite as good as my son's Islabike but at £320 less I can't complain. She loves it.