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RFLKT iPhone 6 query

SpatulalaSpatulala Posts: 291
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thinking of getting a RFLKT as I always ride with my phone. Couple of q's:

1. Since I think my iPhone 6 comes with a barometric sensor and I have no need for an Ant+ bridge, is there any reason for me to get the + over the standard RFLKT?

2. If I have my phone linked to Speed/cadence sensor, Hrm and head unit (all BTLE) will my phone's battery life plummet (even though stashed in pocket whole time)? Any real world experiences of this?

3. How stable is BTLE? Don't want a solution where connections drop all the time.



  • shmoostershmooster Posts: 335
    The RFLKT+ also has a thermometer, which is quite useful. I'm not sure if the Wahoo app will use the barometer on the iPhone 6, I only have a 5S.

    My phone battery life is fine, I've done 5 hour rides with no issues and expect it would be good for 10 hours or so with the screen off but it depends what else the phone is doing (e.g. if you're in a weak signal area and it's hunting for 3G/4G or have push email on for example).

    My phone is still on the bars as I have a case from before I had the RFLKT+, so I don't have any signal problems at all. I did find with my phone in my back pocket I had problems connecting to my HR sensor, though not to the RFLKT+, I only tried it once though.

    I have had battery life issues with the RFLKT+, can't be sure why but it seems to be related to interference, so don't have any flashing lights next to it. Normally it's good for 3 months or so, but it can be dramatically shorter, so get some spare batteries (CR2450, Amazon marketplace is a good cheap source).
  • SpatulalaSpatulala Posts: 291
    Ok thanks. I've tweeted @wahoofitness to ask if the iPhone barometer will work with the RFLKT, but no answer from them.
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