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I read a short article on the frontpage of br, which suggested carbs of 60g an hour, something I'd heard elsewhere (or 60-90g). The thing that got me thinking was the last paragraph:

"With this 60g figure in mind, you can get out on the road well ahead of your sportive and train your body to best use this fuel, increasing energy pathways so that by the time you reach your event, nutrition worries are only a distant memory."

When I ride in a non race scenario I don't bother eating gels etc. I'd always figured this would mean maximum benefit of the additional fuel. this seems suggest I should be using the same nutrition strategy as I do racing (assuming I'm riding at a similar pace and distance) so my body gets used to processing the fuel on the go quickly and efficiently.
Have I understood this correctly and is it right?


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    It depends how long you are riding and training. If you want to train to deal with post glycogen depletion, then a bit of low cal bonk training works well. I do it once a week and it made a massive difference to my long distance performance. The second question is how much % body fat do you have, if you are a lean sub 10%er then you probably need the carbs for anything over a 1 hours hard ride.

    In summary there is a lot more to it than how much you need per hour.
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    My training rides consist of three types:
    1) intervals either hill climbs of around 3-5mins or flat sprints of 1-2mins, normally take an hour
    2) 'practise races' I have a couple of 5k laps nearby and so I go flat out for 5 laps
    3) longer rides of 40+ km although not really base as I still go flat out where I can.

    No idea how much body fat I have. Relatively skinny but don't count calories!

    My question was more, does your body get more efficient at absorbing and utilising carbs on the go with practise? So if I eat gels on every ride will I actually get more benefit come race day as my body will utilise the energy more efficiently
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