Total Eclipse of the Fridayyyy...

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Morning Losers!

Apparently there will be some partial eclipse today, so we're all taking the opportunity to avoid doing work and going to have a look around 9:15? I should probably get the times checked first.

Work, then back to Bury. All I have to do is survive today.

It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.
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  • tlw1
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    working from home as the current wife is going to the quacks later about her back due to a crash on the school run.

    In theory this should minimise the work to pub time, but she is going from there to get her hair cut - so pub night might fail! Will have to call them to warn them of the cash flow implications.
  • thekickingmule
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    All I have to do is survive today.
    I'm not sure I will and I guarantee that if I go down, I'm taking so many people with me!
    It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.
    Join us on UK-MTB we won't bite, but bring cake!
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    Can you pop down here, I've got a few for you to take with you TKM? Matt, don't forget to tell her that her hair looks nice. This is best done face to face, not on the phone.
    Happy damn Fryday folks,
    Cloudy here, so I think I'll be watching the eclipse from my desk. The cafe is calling for me to go and consume fried dead piggy. Hopefully not too much else going on today. Tea and cookies next.
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    Morning peeeeegs!

    Due to cloudy skies the eclipse will be computer based for me!

    Moving house to a flat sucks plums, our next move will have lots of cash thrown at it so many minions can do the humping and dumping.

    Other than that i am off skiing for a week tomorrow where i shall stylishly speed around the slopes complaining about gay boarders being tw@s!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Morning Cruddites!

    All good here, back in blighty and back at work, nice to get a quick 6.7 mile commute in today, at least it was T-shirt and shorts weather which is always nice.

    Had a break in the clouds to watch the eclipse as well!
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    Rode to work this morning, hit Newcastle Quayside in time for the eclipse which meant the place was full of twunts staring at the sky not giving a fark about being in my way. Got to work to find my parcel shelf on the floor next to my car, must've forgot to put it back when I got my bike out last night.

    Might be a bit late but here's some essential eclipse based advice: ... ar-eclipse

    Time for a cuppa
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  • Mattharrier
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    Odd day at work today - we have no work to do as we're migrating systems and so there's no orders coming in and the phones are off. We have some "very important people" coming in at about 3, and we're just hanging around and waiting for them to show up (we need something to do while they're here so haven't been able to do it so far).

    Really, REALLY bored.
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    That was the shittest eclipse ever - there was heavy cloud and it just looked like a dull day where I was. at least we've got the Boardman 650B thread to keep us entertained :)
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