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Custom cycle jerseys

option_clickoption_click Posts: 169
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Hi all, tried a search but didn't bring up much.

I'm looking to get a small run of custom jerseys produced. I would normally go with Castelli but the turnaround time of 8 weeks+ is too long on this occasion.

Looking for high quality and a small run of ~5 jerseys.
Any recommendations?



  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    I would have a look at Pactimo. They do runs from 5 jerseys.
    They promise a 5 week turn around. I have only bought their off the shelf stuff but I think the quality is excellent.
  • iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
    I've used Owayo twice for orders of my old uni cycling club- you can order any number of jerseys, with 5 being about £40 each, and once they have your design stored from the first order any reorders are a bit cheaper.

    They also allowed us 3 different personalisation pieces of text for each of our jerseys- we had rider name on the front breast under the uni crest, which 'team' they were in on the back above the main uni logo (i.e. road team, mtb ream, road captain, president etc) and also a nickname which was printed in itallics on the cuffs.
    They might be slightly more expensive than other club jerseys (although not much from my experience) but the ability to customise each individual jersey was a definate plus for us.

    My first jersey I ordered still looks as good as when I recieved it over 3 years ago and after heavy use (it was only one of two jerseys I had for over a year, and was the one I preferred to wear!)
    We went for the 1/4 length zippers as we have never come across a broken one, although our rival uni had a couple of the full length zips break (although they might have been wearing bulky clothes underneath).
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