BMC Teammachine Sizing

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Hello All,

Lucky enough to be able to treat myself to either a BMC Teammachine SLR03 / SLR02 ( i wish a SLR01 )

Anyway, just wondering who has one and what size they went for? I am 6ft 3 with long legs, long arms and a short torso.....the 60cm seems to be the way forward but I am quite flexible, so i reckon the 57 with the 565mm toptube and 120 stem might do it...? te headtube between the two gives a 30mm difference (170 to 200 ) which is quite a leap... my current setup is a very very modest Btwin Triban 3 ( 60cm ), I think the toptub measured by me was about 568 ( which seems small? ), the head tube is 190...

I am off to try some at Evans on Friday, but until then, i thought i would ask who has one, what size they got... I know it is all based around the individual blah blah but I am just excited...Sorry :oops:


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    As a younger man I rode quite happily on a 60cm frame with a 12cm stem - and I'm only 5' 11". At 6' 3" the 60cm is the least you'll need IMO, and possibly a 62cm.