5700 BB with Ultegra 6700 chainset

kidfelt78 Posts: 28
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I need to replace my 105 chainset, I've seen Ultegra versions for reasonable prices but would they slip straight into my 5700BB?



  • rafletcher
    rafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Why not just replace the rings? Or have you done some damage to the cranks?
  • keef66
    keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Yes, all Shimano HT2 road chainsets and BB's are interchangeable.

    My winter bike has an Ultegra BB and it's run a 105 5603 triple chainset, a 9 speed Tiagra double, and now a CX-50 46/36 chainset.

    Similarly the Shimano pressfit BB on the summer bike has run the triple and the double.

    That for me is a major benefit of HT2; you can just whip out the chainset in seconds.

    Can I ask why the entire chainset needs replacing? Are you wanting to move from a standard double to a compact (or the reverse)? Or is it damaged in some way?
  • dj58
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    If it is a HT II external type SM-BB5700 bottom bracket, then yes the Ultegra Chainset will be a straight swop.
  • kidfelt78
    kidfelt78 Posts: 28
    Perfect thanks all. No damage to the cranks just wear and tear, thought might as well swap the lot and slight upgrade at same time. Thanks again.