New Rider needs pricing help...

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Hey everyone...

I don't want to get into which the which bike is better debate, unless it is in the context of price for what I would be getting. I am a new rider and have found that I can get the following setups all for the same price ($1099US):

2014 Canondale CAAD10 5 105
2014 Felt F75
2014 Giant TCR SLR 2
2014 Specialized Allez Race C2

All have 105 components (minus crank which varies, FSA Omega, Shimano, FSA Pro)

I have ridden all of the bikes listed and feel that the difference for my experience level would be minimal. I have researched that they are all very similar so I already have a good feel for which feels best to me. (they are all very close)

What I need help with is determining if one is a better deal at that price point than the other. For instance, does the CAAD frame trump all, tech of Giant a huge consideration, one company easier to work with than the other ?? Is one more of a "deal" than the other ? (I know this may be subjfective)

Any advice in this area would be appreciated. If I am asking a similar question that I could not find in the forum, links would be great.



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    Never ridden any of the others but i have an older caad10 and it is an extremely good frame and is definately a frame that is worth keeping whilst upgrading other parts, theres lots of people who have built them up to be super light race bikes with some really high quality parts, I would definately recommend one.
  • Thanks dom...

    I know this is a very subjective question (price vs value) and have heard good things about all of the options (except the allez, must need time for people to actually get on it to see the difference from previous models). True, I feel I can't go wrong with the CAAD because of the proven frame, but wanted to hear from other riders who might have experience on the others, just in case. In the end, especially with the differences being so small and me being novice / am rider... maybe the deciding factor isn't necessarily the "best deal purchase" since fit feels so similar, it really is the finish (how it looks and how I feel riding it)

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    It's always about how it feels riding it. If it looks good to you then that is a useful bonus. Mind you some people would put those two the other way round! Make sure you get the sizing right.

    You are not going to get a bad bike from those. My starter bike was an Allez and that would be my choice, because it did me so well, but most people will also favour what they have / had.
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    If you feel they are all similar go for the best looking.
  • Thanks for the responses...

    I ended up with the CAAD after narrowing it down to that and the Felt. Three things really pushed me to the CAAD (since ride felt similar between the 2):

    1. The paint scheme was a bit more subtle (shades of black and white).

    2. The frame is verified as great, which gives me more confidence in my first roadbike purchase.

    3. The shop treated me great, put up with my newb questions and frequent visits, and kicked in a few perks.
    Biggest thing was that they didn't blow me off for taking my time in purchasing or treat me like I was
    wasting their time for not buying a more expensive bike or not being an experienced rider. They also let
    me hang out in the repair area for a bit so I could see a few things on how to clean and maintain the bike,
    even if I didn't purchase it from them.

    While the first two were important, the third put it over the top. I won't spam their name on here since that wasn't my goal (will share if asked... its a so cal shop in the 909), but I'm glad to verify that treating the customer right will result in a sale.

    Ride on !