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Open O-1.0 Carbon 29 Hardtail

WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 4,780
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OK, technically it's fully rigid in this pic, but I did have suspension forks on it, just wasn't happy with them. So, they're off for a fettle, and on with this one.

Open O-1.0 frame, medium, bare weight 873 grams.
Specialized Chisel fork, full carbon, tapered steerer
Hope headset
Race Face Next SL crank, 32T narrow-wide ring
XT Shifter and rear mech, cassette, chain
Selle Italia Thoork Gel flow saddle
Truvativ post
Easton EC90SL stem and bars
Magura Marta SL brakes (to be changed out, when I can be bothered...)
Will have XTR 9000 SPD pedals tonight, just arrived on my desk. :D
Built the wheels myself, Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs, WTB KOM i23 rims, DT Swiss Revolution spokes.
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.1's
ELite Patao carbon cage

All up weight as is, a bit under 9 kg. That's because I can't get the damned rims to seal for tubeless, the post is the el cheapo heavy one till I figure out whether I wanted setback or not, the brakes are huge ( and heavy therefore) and the wheels and tyres are not built for lightness per se. Have a set of Stans Race Gold coming in which will knock almost a half kilo off, and if I use the Furious Freds on those, will add up to about 700 grams saved. Enve post, new brakes and a lighter saddle will help too.

So, under 8 kg is not far away...

Lovely thing 8)


  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 4,780
    cyd190468 wrote:
    Looks great but those seat stays look scary thin for a bike that will regularly be crashed into stuff.

    They are rather flat from side-on, but quite wide from above.

    Open is the (new-ish) company for Gerard Vroomen and Andy Kessler, of Cervelo (and BMC for Andy) fame, so the whole pencil thin stays thing is a typical design signature for them.
  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    Looks really nice! actually looks mint with rigid forks, super fast.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    Is that a stem or a tiller off a canal boat?
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 4,780
    Is that a stem or a tiller off a canal boat?

    Yeah it is a bit long by MTB standards I know.. :oops: It's a 110mm..

    However, the last thing this frame needs is quicker steering, and the only alternatives I had any shorter are dreadful things, and probably too short. Will swap a few around and see what works best.
  • minley1minley1 Posts: 126
    Absolutely stunning frames in the flesh, a very nice build, as you say some weight could be dropped, but already very light.
    Did that frame come with the Rotor Cranks origanaly?
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 4,780
    The usual build kit with these was with Rotor cranks yes, but this one was actually a bare frame that the local (ex) dealer had as their shop display one. Came with no cranks, or headset or the frame cable stop things which are unique. I ended up emailing Open and had *VERY* quick and helpful replies from both Gerard Vroomen and Andy Kessler themselves. Happy with that service to say the least, and they sent me the bits needed. I bought the BB through them, which is a Rotor one, but used a Hope headset from the pick and mix range.

    Pricing here on these frame "kits" was RRP about 2900 AUD give or take a haggle. I bought this one basically new, a couple of tiny shop marks on it, with all the required bits for well under a grand. Likewise the cranks were an absolute steal, some superseded models discounted 73% or something silly from CRC.

    All the other bits and pieces were either picked up in sales, bought off eBay used, or scrounged. Wheels cost very little to build really.

    That finished bike sitting there has cost me, at current exchange rates, about 1250 Pounds. Bargain! :mrgreen: 8)
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 4,780
    cyd190468 wrote:
    Just realised from your location that we're almost neighbors. (by aussie standards).

    Yep, but at this distance we'd be in different countries over there.. lol
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Lovely frames those, definitely need to sort out that build kit - which it sounds like you're going to! Stem amongst required changes!
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,747
    cyd190468 wrote:
    Just realised from your location that we're almost neighbors. (by aussie standards).

    Yep, but at this distance we'd be in different countries over there.. lol
    Ignoring that 2 foot apart can be in different countries I guess?
  • nice bike.. Friend of mine has one and he's extremely happy with the ride..
  • mikeyj28mikeyj28 Posts: 991
    What a lovely frame!
    Constantly trying to upgrade my parts.It is a long road ahead as things are so expensive for little gain. n+1 is always the principle in my mind.
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