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Disappointed in Pipedream

HHendersonHHenderson Posts: 4
edited March 2015 in MTB general
On the recommendation of one of the UK's foremost mountain biking magazines, I recently purchased a Skookum 29 inch Rohloff titanium frame from Pipedream.
At first, all went well: the geometry was excellent and the bike rode well. Then the creaking in the seatpost began. I tried lubricating but the post would not hold and started sliding under my weight (95 kg). I consulted everybody I could think of - Internet, mags, etc. - and the advice was to try grease for carbon frames. This did admittedly stop the sliding problem but the creaking came back, occurring roughly every 3rd ride.
I tried various seat collars (3 to be precise) from cheap to expensive. Again to no avail.
The seatpost is a Thompson Elite 400 mm.
I contacted Pipedream on several occasions but they were spectacularly unhelpful.

I live abroad and was especially keen to support the British cycling industry so this was very disappointing.


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