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Carbon clincher rim profiles

londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
edited March 2015 in Road buying advice
After something helpful CycleClinic said, I've bee looking a bit more into carbon rim profiles (I do need to get out more) and am getting more curious. You'd think a 23mm wide rim would be pretty much the same across different manufacturers in terms of size, if maybe not quality.

The internal width, the bit that which governs how wide your tyre is stretched and is key in our new world of trendy wider wheels varies a fair bit. For a given rim i.e. 23mm, that means that either the amount of rim the tyre hooks under changes or the thickness of the rim sidewall has to. There a few pictures below with the bit I thought of as the internal width being 13.5mm, 15.5mm, 15.9mm and 17.0mm.

I guess I'm interested in why one manufacturer has only a 13.5mm gap and so 3.25mm rim thickness and 1.5mm hooks for the tyre beads where the others don't feel the same need. Would be interesting to see some Zipp, Enve etc profiles to compare with these "lower end" rims.

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