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Codeine - review

fizikfizik Posts: 247
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So not much of a build thread but after selling my mega tr in OZ (don't move to another country for a woman) I needed another Mtb fairly cheap. Being a tall chap I had always liked the idea of a 29er but never really seen any that excited me or were within my price bracket. I had heard alot about the codeine and the geometry seemed spot on. After a trip to Sheffield to see one I ordered the x9 model, which I now believe is retailing at 1499 GBP. At the time I paid 1850 including reverb and upgrade to a monarch plus rc3 debonair as I hadn't been too impressed by the rt3 on the mega tr (seemed to get harsher and harsher throughout a ride)

I changed grips for superstar items, fitted a hope t-rex range expander and converted to tubeless.

The below may seem to be negative in some respects but for me these days I am more concerned with a bike that rides well rather than looks etc, and ultimately on that the codeine delivers.

Impressions after a couple of months riding-

- Frame finish is similar in quality to the mega, not bad but not amazing, graphics a bit gash.
- Pacenti dl31 rims are bomb proof but not too heavy, destickered them, x9 hubs are 100% silent
- Guide R brakes are a censored tonne better than the old mono minis I used to ride
- Bike is a bit heavy but rides alot lighter than the numbers suggest
- On one tyres are very good all rounders and handled ice and snow just fine, went tubeless OK.
- Codeine seems more manoeuvrable than the mega was with its 160mm forks, better at tight switchbacks
- Bike pedals well
- Monarch plus shock seems to need loads of pressure (260psi for 30% sag - 90kg rider weight all up)
- Pike and monarch are perfectly matched, pikes not as stiff as my old 36's - to be expected.
- Bike steamrolls rock gardens but still feels agile and poppy.
- Top tube could do with being about 2cm longer so I could run a 35mm stem rather than a 50mm.
- Head tube is a bit long, but have slammed bars and trimmed steerer and now feels spot on with stock el ancho bars.

All in all the bike has transformed my riding giving me much more confidence and for the price I paid which would be even less now I don't think there is much to touch it for value. The bike is by no means perfect but everyone who rides it loves it and comments how light it rides, have also been very impressed with how it is so chuckable and manoeuvrable, seems to handle slow technical climbs with aplomb too. I was pretty relieved to find it actually fits in the back of my Volvo c30 too, bonus since the mega needed the driver seat moved forward from my normal driving position which it doesn't on the codeine.

WP_20150122_003.jpg (before lowering stem)


Camera back in pocket before flying down gatesgarth pass (I know green doesn't match) Garburn Gatesgarth and Nan Bield were excellent in the snow and ice, big snow drifts and sheets of ice were awesome!


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