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which TT bike

janesyjanesy Posts: 148
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im looking at £2.5k max either the Canyon al speedmax ... tml?b=3686

or Focus chrono 3.0? ... ax-30.html

one is carbon and the other has better components.

Ritchey Road Logic - Focus Izalco Chrono Max 1.0 TT


  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    Have you looked at Planet X ? I have a few mates that ride Exocet 2's.
    One purchased one recently in white with full SRAM Force and a set of Planet X 60/90 tubs.

    I think it's well worth thinking about, it's a very nice ride, you just need to look past the name.
    He tells me he used a 20% off code as we'll ??? and paid £1700 with a saddle upgrade as a set
    of Look pedals.
  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    Sorry, between the two, I'd go with the Cayon but I'd try to purchase it in Euro's :D

    With my very limited knowledge I don't think it will make much difference it being
  • iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
    As the others have said, there probably won't be much difference between carbon and alloy TT frames- the biggest difference is the shaping- you can have the outrageous tube shapes without so much of the weight penalty, as well as potnetialy better comfort built into the frame but also the stiffness- but that is by no means a given.
    However, alloy TT bikes can still be made very stiff and also light- you might have to forgo some of the more extravagant tube shapes but in reality the areo savings will be very small. I'm not so sure if I would want to go for an alloy frame with the same shaping as the carbon model though because of the extra weight you'll be carrying over a more traditional tubed machine that has been very well made- in my mind my position on the bike is most important, and as I enjoy lumpy local TTs I appreciate the lack of mass.

    From the two of them the Focus looks more like the dedicated TTers choice if you already have a better pair of wheels due to the integrated brakes etc, but I would probably lean more towards the Canyon because of the easier to service brake calipers and better wheels. I'd prefer a lighter alloy frame but it in reality it makes very little difference and the frame gets good reviews.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Have you checked the geometry of both to make sure that they're right for you?
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  • supermurph09supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
    The Canyon you linked to is £2,199 + about £40 for delivery, I actually have the bottom of the range AL 8.0, something you might consider is getting the AL 8.0, use the Cosmic Elites as training wheels and use the £1,000 change to buy some nice wheels / disc. The 105 5800 on my AL 8.0 is really nice, feels very precise.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    What events do you want it for ?
  • IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
    I wouldn't waste my money on the Canyon with Reynolds.

    A more aero carbon frame with a cheap rear wheel and 'wheelbuilder aero disc jacket' and a deep front wheel would be much faster.

    If you're going to go Planet X, (highly recommended,) have a look at their Irish distributor's site,
    I imagine that he'd have no problem mailing it to England and you might get a deal when paying in Euros?
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  • janesyjanesy Posts: 148
    Ive ordered the Focus Chrono Max 3 2015 and will use my own chainset and existing wheels. Also the shop is sticking an ultegra mech for me.

    i had an option of only a few bikes that would get the perfect fit for me. i trust the bike fitter as he's completely sorted my road fit.

    its obv uci legal and my aims are to use it in sanctioned events.
    Should have it by 1st week April.
    Ritchey Road Logic - Focus Izalco Chrono Max 1.0 TT
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Road and TT fits are completely different. Also, if you want to race UCI sanctioned events you're going to have to keep this in mind for your position as it will most likely not be optimum. Being told that there are only a few bikes that would get you a perfect fit without actually having a fit (even on a jig) is very telling...

    Also, an Ultegra mech over 105 won't make an real difference.
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  • sopworthsopworth Posts: 191
    I'm with Grill on this - you need to see a good fitter and find your stack and reach for a TT bike. Before I bbought my tri bike I got measured on a Retul measuring jig and the results meant that a Planet X and other brands I was looking at were not ideal. I ended up buying an Argon 18 which I'm over the moon with but it wasn't even on my radar before the sizing session.
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