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Planet X RT-57 build

Dam0-MSCDam0-MSC Posts: 21
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Hey all here's my rt57. I had a trek domane for a few months last year. Long story short I crashed it, knackering the frame so got myself an rt57 frame and started to spec it to my liking. Initially I planned to transfer as much as possible from the trek to the rt57 but due to compatability issues and finding bits I prefer, the only things I've kept are the 105 groupset. Mountain biking has always been my thing but last year my appreciation for road cycling has grown immensely. I'm now following the sport and excited for this year :D

Anyway here are a few photos. I'll have it finished in a couple weeks in time for the sportives and good weather.



Pride and joy
MSC - Hunter


    That looks lovely really nice. Keep us posted on this - I've been looking at the same frame and am just working on persuading the missus that I really, really need a new bike and as such just buying a new frame and transferring the current components of my bike is a savvy move...
  • Dam0-MSCDam0-MSC Posts: 21
    Thanks Chris I love it!
    I'll have it finished by end of the week providing the bits turn up so will get some decent pictures at the weekend.
    You can get some good deals on the Planet X frames from time to time so keep an eye out.
    Haha yeah you gotta be tactful when getting round the missis. Mine is on the brink of killing me, especially when she see the photo of it on the sofa... I did argue its new and clean!
    Pride and joy
    MSC - Hunter
  • Dam0-MSCDam0-MSC Posts: 21
    Sorry for the long delay but here is the finished bike. Took a little longer than I had anticipated.
    Pride and joy
    MSC - Hunter
  • seanoraweseanorawe Posts: 950
    I absolutely love that frame colour and the matt paint job is gorgeous on it. My friend just bought one with Ultegra gruppo and Vision wheels for £999 .
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