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Problems for Race Cyclists in Thailand

ianfraianfra Posts: 5
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For us 'foreign' road/track cyclists living in Thailand we are having enormous problems with the Thai Cycling Association. Although we have contacted the UCI they willfully refuse to acknowledge that these problems exist. Now we have more evidence of malpractice which 100% breaches UCI rules and the Olympic Charter at the Thai Cycling Association:

1. Under UCI rules, icences should be issued to overseas riders living in a country other than their own by the Federation in that country. This year the Thais have asked foreigners to pay 5 x more than locals for this licence (breaches Article 3 of the UCI Constitution). They have also asked for evidence of residence (fair enough). One rider paid the full amount, produced evidence (ie House book and visa stamps) as required but was refused a licence.

2. A Race in Thailand that awarded UCI points had a number of foreigners on the podium (photographic evidence)- however the result submitted to the UCI was not the same as the actual result. There were no foreigners in their listing to the UCI, thus denying UCI points to overseas riders and the Thais garnering more points for themselves. (Can you imagine this happening in the UK?)

3. A non-Thai rider and UCI licence holder won two time trials held under UCI rules. The evidence that we have is the time that he was given was doctored so that the win went to a Thai rider not a foreigner.

4. A rider with half Thai nationality was given slower times in a UCI track meet for the 200m than he actually recorded so that he was unable to contest the finals against 100% Thais.

5. They have refused to accept an Asia-continental team into the Tour of Thailand, because "that team does not have enough Thai riders" when in fact the real reason lies elsewhere.

Make of this what you will. I am putting the evidence together in a dossier to present to the UCI.
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