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Tim_jonesTim_jones Posts: 17
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So last year I bought a carrera tdf to see if I liked this cycling thing. Decided it was for me and have just bought a giant defy 1 2015. Which apparently is lighter so I put two water bottles on so it probably weighs the same now - lol. A couple of questions come to mind:

So I have bought myself a racy new bike which if nothing else will make me look quicker, can anybody tell me if there is a market for unused reflectors, pedals and a bell?

Also I bought the carrera and there was a really crappy manual that was next to useless, there was I tonight, surrounded by discarded reflectors and paying with my bell when I opened my wee package(the one that came with the bike), dreaming of the e-bay fortune that I'm about to make in the unused reflectors market and like a kid at Christmas I ripped open the package to find the same sort of generic crappy manual that came with the tdf. It has totally ruined my March christmas, it's just not on. I suppose that leads to the question why must I have all this censored and surely to god somebody could come up with a decent manual?

Other than that it looks good in my living room

Roll on tomorrow


  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,088
    I think the manufacturers were legally obliged to fit reflectors, bell, etc but most people removed them so they don't even bother fitting them now, just provide them in a bag and put the onus on the rider to fit them. I doubt there is any market for them, normal advice would be to fling them over a hedge. Just get out on your new bike and forget about them :)
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  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    If a market exists for your unwanted tat then you will find other similar items on sale on the world's leading online auction site. A quick 2 minute search will answer this question for you.
  • You have them for the simple reason that it's illegal in the UK to supply a whole bike without them.

    ( ... ion/4/made if you want the details).

    Strictly speaking, it's illegal to ride a bike on the roads after dark without amber pedal reflectors front and rear, ( but I've never heard of anyone being stopped at night due to the lack of them.
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