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2014 Cube Ltd Race 29

lillywhite79lillywhite79 Posts: 108
edited March 2015 in Your mountain bikes
Just thought Id share a pic of my Cube Ltd Race 29, not many on here

Picked it up in the January sales. First 29er coming from a few 26" XC type bikes and one full suspension Canonndale

Wanted something I could use on trails but also get some miles in on roads too and at least try to keep pace with mates with hybrids/ road bikes for training

After a first go round Swinley I was surprised how much quicker I was through most sections especially early on through the climbs at the start of blue (cant remember name) I was up and ready for the fun parts back down a lot faster than before and seemingly less effort (not blowing out my backside :-) but was coming from the canonndale so all relative I guess.

Ventured off into some parts of red and off the beaten path and the bike seems to take it all in its stride think theres something to be said for the bigger wheels. May not be for all but ive seen the light 29er all the way for me

All in all well pleased, will be out as much as possible to improve fitness and plan to use this for London to
Brighton bike ride in September really looking forward to it.

Oh and the colour has grown on me - I know its 'bright ' :lol:

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