New Fulcrums - Gritty Bearings

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Hi all

I've had a couple of pairs of (by my standards at least) very nice wheels over the last few years; some Ultegra 9s/CXP33s handmade, and 2008 Ksyrium Elites. On both occasions, when new, the bearings have been absolutely buttery smooth.

Just got a brand new pair of Fulrum Racing 3s - fresh out of the box, and the front wheel is "binding" a tiny bit - its gritty when you rotate the wheel. These are plain old cup and cone bearings so in theory I could probably just loosen them off a tiny bit but, these are brand new and I don't think I should have to do that.

The wheel rotates fine, just not buttery smooth like i was expecting for wheels of this spec. The rear is much better.

Am I being over the top? Should I get the cone wrench out, let it settle in or return the wheel?




  • keezx
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    Adjust with the skewers closed to no play and smooth turning.
    Ignore it it's no smooth enough to your taste, need running in.
  • thanks Keezx, I'll leave well alone.... bl** nice wheels :D