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Just bought a Voodoo Bizango - Questions and opinions

jjl5590jjl5590 Posts: 79
edited March 2015 in MTB general
Hey guys,

I just purchased a Voodoo Bizango for the grand sum of £600. I'm liking the bike but have a few questions so maybe some current owners can help :)

1) The right shift-down lever does not always return to its correct central position; sometimes it sticks. Is there a fix for this?

2) There is no middle-ground with the fork lockout; it's either on or off. Is this normal?

3) Is there a chainring guard/bashring that I can fit to the bike?

4) Is there a known mod to cover the two front exposed cables that run down the front of the down tube?

5) There are no posts to mount a front mudguard; does anyone know of a good mudguard for it?

6) I would like to buy some aftermarket tires for it. I know they need to be 29er but is there a minimum thickness? Specs say the current tires are 29x2.25 tyre w/ Wire Bead. Do I have to get the same?

Many thanks for any and all help given!


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