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Carrera Blast 24 refurb/rebuild

dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
edited August 2019 in Your mountain bikes
Well I finally got round to starting my lads bike refurb/build.

I picked up a 24" wheel Carrera Blast for a bargain £25 on ebay - this particualr one appealed to me as it had been 'upgraded' to Deore brake levers and shifters which meant no rubbish grip shift, also came with a Deore rear mech.

Brakes and gears worked well on the stand so hopefully should be OK when all back together.

The purple skewers and seat clamp will have to go though....... (the eagle eyed of you may have noticed that the skewers are on the wrong way round and the seat post is also wrong way round too - It wasn't me!!!).

Here it is on the work stand:


All up it weighed in at 13.18kg - not really a lightweight!

Now this was picked up as a project so there's going to be some changes!

I'm stripping it down and getting it powder coated Yellow (Lads fav colour!), will have new black decals and a new set of forks - picked up some Fox Float FL80's for £50 locally.


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