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2014 Canyon Lux - BB failure warning

BiomedMBBiomedMB Posts: 3
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A word of warning about current line of Canyon Lux frames - I destroyed my frame's BB shell within 6 months of intense training and few teammates with same bike now have identical problem. One of them leaves to Cape Epic in two days and he just discovered a crack in his Lux' BB!!!
The shell that holds press-fit BB bearings is increasing in diameter and bearings start clicking with pedaling rotations while moving inside the shell.
In my case, the carbon shell on one side just blew, thus up increasing the free movement of the bearing on the opposite side causing the opposite-side XTR BB bearing to broke in two pieces!!!

Canyon are very slow in replacing this frame either! It took them about two weeks to process it in their German facility and now my frame is stacked in customs (I live outside EU) because it was sent with wrong invoice and cannot be cleared from local taxes and duties! Another two weeks in customs and all Canyon is working on is how to avoid paying taxes for replacement frame on the expense of my time and my training program!!!
Two races I trained for already gone by now, the cost of replacing a pro-level marathon bike is enormous. This is not kind of bike you buy just for backup in-case your primary bike manufacturer will fool you around for more then one month with replacement of your bad warranty-covered frame.

Today, faced with their service in my own real case-study, I have turned from a great Canyon enthusiast to some who actively recommends people not to buy it. This is the level of disappointment I feel.
I am very upset with this bike and would like to warn anyone who might be considering buying Canyon. Bikes are very well equipped and designed, however it seems that basic engineering considerations failed in design of the frame I own and the way this case is handled by Canyon so far is really, really disappointing...


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    This is last years frame I presume as all Canyon carbon frames are 2015 currently some of them just coming to market.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Two posts - both identical, both complaining about slow service from a European mail-order-only bike company, who actually inspected and shipped him a new frame in two weeks. His issue is with his local customs agency. But seemingly, this is Canyons fault.

    Chances are, he's spammed countless forums with the same copy-and-paste post, just because he made a dumb buying decision based entirely on purchase price without considering what happens if something goes awry. Buy non-local, take your chance.

    It's not a new frame he needs, but a grip.
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