Help with my 6 year old

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Hoping for some advice to help my 6 year old daughter. Her 7th birthday is approaching (4 weeks time) and she hasn't really learned how to ride a bike yet. We took her stabilisers off at Center Parcs about 18 months ago, and she pretty much cracked it, but we haven't really had her riding since, partly due to where we live, and she has preferred to take her scooter instead.

Now we would like to surprise her with a new bike for her birthday - I am thinking of the Frog 55. Size wise it seems to be OK, I've measured her up etc, but I was wondering whether to get her on the old bike, which is WAY too small for her now, it has 12" wheels, where the Frog has 20". I would put the seat up to max, and the bars if possible, but of course would just be an exercise of re-familiarisation - but at least it would get her used to riding again.

The alternative is to wait, and get her straight on the new bike, but remove the pedals, following the advice on this forum.

Not sure what would be best - any advice or guidance would be much appreciated!
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    If it is 6 months til her birthday then just get her riding on anything.

    As for the new bike - leave the pedals on it and get her riding. Stick a hoodie on her, get her to pedal off and just run along side with a fistfull of hoodie to keep the wobbles in check until she really starts to figure it out for herself. Don't hold onto the bike.
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    Thanks, it's actually only about 4 weeks until her birthday. That's good advice, I will try that - though her current bike really is tiny....!
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    Hi Dave - we got our daughter a Frog 55 for her 7th birthday and did the pedals-off-and-roll down-a-slope technique to get her going. It took a few goes, some tears and some perseverance but she cracked it in the end and loves the bike now.
    A couple of comments on the Frog - it's a decent machine all round but they are quite long frames so even though the standover height is ok for a 7 year old, they are a bit of a stretch so you need to slide the saddle forward to help.