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Wheel trauma

GasperoniGasperoni Posts: 41
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At the end of my ride yesterday I thought something had stuck to my rear wheel and was catching. It turned out to be this. I didn't have any pothole run ins that day, but a pretty hefty one the day before which I thought I had gotten away with, so I guess it cracked and then opened up over the course of the next 50 miles



I have a Shimano R501 I was using for my trainer only, mainly because at 16 stone, I wasn't convinced that the 24 spokes of the R501 would be durable enough on the road. So a couple of questions

1. Am I likely to trash the R501s by using them on the road, given my weight.

2. Any recommendations as to the most practical and cost effective way of replacing it

I was initially looking at getting a cheap wheel/wheelset off eBay with 32 spokes (incidentally, are all 10 speed hubs still compatible with an 8 speed hub?). I'm also considering replacing the Rigida Chrina rim, but I'm not that handy and have never built a wheel before so I'm umming and aahing somewhat. Is that a practical and cost effective solution or is it likely to be too challenging/expensive given the alternatives. I think I would be looking at £23 for the rim delivered and another £12 to get it trued once I had rebuilt it?


  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,311
    2-What is the brand/spokehole of the cracked rim?
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,233
    I disagree

    1) No. Ride 'em.
  • GasperoniGasperoni Posts: 41
    Its a Rigida Chrina 32 spoke rim
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,689
    16 stone = handbuilts and quality ones. You need deepish rims... I normally spec something like Velocity Deep V for very heavy riders... it's a nice strong rim. Velocity Chukker is another option, a bit wider. If the hubs are good, they can be re-used
  • GasperoniGasperoni Posts: 41
    Many thanks for the advice. Will have a look at those Velocity rims.

    (apologies for the tardy response, been heroically battling man-flu)
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