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Formula RX Brake Issues

jackk1992jackk1992 Posts: 141
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Hey, wondering if any of you guys could help me out with a little issue I have with my brakes, mainly around bleeding them.

I have had an on going love hate relationship with these brakes since getting my bikes. Some days hating the sponge feel and the amount you have to pull the lever in too feel like its doing anything and then some days really like their stopping performance.

I recently went to Cannock Chase and the grit got everywhere so I decided to give the bike a good spring clean ready for rides in the better weather (you can only dream). My main intention of the spring clean was to relube everything that needed it and also to sort the brake issue. I bought new pads and a bleeding kit for the bike and then this is where my issues began.

I have always had this overwhelming fear of bleeding brakes ever since I was a kid doing trials riding and due to the nature of the sport, needing a good rear brake. I would have little too no more and unable to afford the fancy bleeding kits and would also attempt crazy plans to rebleed them and always failing. Now I have decided to stop paying a garage £30 a go and attempt to learn. But my first attempt has failed miserably. My brakes are extremely spongy now and very intermittent. I followed a youtube video but it was a bit vague with the instructions. I was hoping someone on here would be able to give me some trade secrets and advice to help me learn :)

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