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Cawston Woods, Rugby

MattharrierMattharrier Posts: 173
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On Moredirt there is a place near Rugby called Cawston Woods, does anyone know anything about this? Not much info on Moredirt and I can't find anything else online, and I don't really want to rock up to find that I'm not welcome/am trespassing.


  • HertsGHertsG Posts: 129[email protected] ... 0780311658

    Can't help re Cawston Woods, but as a kid we used to hoon around the 'Clay Hills' in Newbold. I've no idea if it's still accessible. See link above.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    All you can really do is take a look. It does not seem that big and mentions a nature trail. Normally full on forestry area's are better like sherwood pines, harleston firs (in dry weather) etc.
  • MattharrierMattharrier Posts: 173
    We're going to be in that area tomorrow, and won't really have the time to back track to Cannock, Sandwell or anywhere that I know of. We'll stick the bikes in the car anyway, and check out Clay Hills too. Thanks :D
  • HertsGHertsG Posts: 129
    If I remember correctly, the Clay Hills are here:,275949&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=819&ax=448717&ay=275949&lm=0

    There's a footpath running along the west side. I thing the property belongs to Rugby Cement. If you can get in, I sure they won't be too bothered.
  • LEY8RLEY8R Posts: 11
    Cawston Woods is tiny and really not worth bothering with.It's mostly the preserve of the local dog walkers and is tiny wit
  • LEY8RLEY8R Posts: 11
    Okay,that post ended abrutly!If you have time,take the Leamington road through Princethorpe and take the first right after Princethorpe College and park up in the lay by.Just don't tell anyone else as it's my personal was.
  • MattharrierMattharrier Posts: 173
    I've just had a quick look on Google maps, the layby on the bend? Is that woodland all accessible?

    Thanks very much!
  • LEY8RLEY8R Posts: 11
    Pretty much,I think,although a bit is not on wednesdays and saturdays(it's signposted where appropriate).The south side of the wood is mostly tight narrow walking tracks,nice and technical if you like that sort of thing.The rest is a bit more open.It's fun.Oh yeah,that's the right layby.
  • MattharrierMattharrier Posts: 173
    Excellent, I'll give that a try sometime soon!
  • MattharrierMattharrier Posts: 173
    We gave this a try yesterday, and ended up spending much longer than we originally planned to - after having a bimble round and not really finding any trails to speak of, other than a service road that led to the college, we bumped into a bloke who pointed us in the right direction. We then headed off and had a great time. We'll definitely be heading back.
  • ulisulis Posts: 1

    I'm desperately looking for some interesting place to ride in Rugby and this spot came to my attention. Would you be willing to help out a fellow cyclist by giving some directions as to how to get there please? I had a look on google maps of course but obviously you can't see the trails, etc.
  • LowrideLowride Posts: 214
    Princethorpe Woods are now on lock down so don't try and go back. You won't get in
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