Strade Bianche detour(s)

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Ok...doing a Nice to Rome tour in June, Nice/Menton/Finale Ligure/Genoa/La Spezia/Lucca/Florence/Siena/Viterbo/Rome, over 9 days 100k/day avg., plenty of time for sightseeing etc.
On The Florence to Siena day (via Radda and Gaiole in Chianti) was hoping to take in a section or two of the 'white stuff' as a taster and a novelty detour, nothing too arduous maybe a 5 to 10k stretch of it - anyone got any experience of it, tips on scenic sections, maybe signposted segments of the actual race or maybe bits of the L'Eroica route?
Any info or shared tips appreciated...cheers, in advance...Pete

that day, currently looks a bit like this...
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    We did bits of it on a Saddle Skedaddle tour round Tuscany. Main recommendation (which I would endorse) was to not use skinny tyres - 25c or bigger ideally. Those who didnt follow this advice found it a bit tricky!

    If you have any MTB experience then this will stand you in good stead as correct positioning on the bike (especially on downhill sections) and being willing to let it slide and ride it out were essential.

    you CAN ride it on anything but 25 or 28mm tyres with lower pressures and familiarity with riding off road meant that I was light years ahead of most others on the tour.
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    This looks the same as the question you asked before - or am I missing something?.


    It might have been better to have revived the original thread.

    The dust from the roads will get into your chain and transmission - so you may want to clean your chains etc afterwards (I find that cloth baby wipes are good for this).

    Decent width tyres are a help. The aggregate surface tends to be harder work than tarmac.