Bought the wrong chain ring

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I bought a 105 chain ring off eBay but it's not a compact and I want a compact. It's it easier to push sell or on our can I fit smaller sockets on it? It's a 52/39 and I want a 50/34. It's in good condition and I only paid £40 but the ones I want are more expensive and wondering is I can replace the sprockets
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  • keezx
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    You can't fit a 34 on a standard crankset , that's why the compact was invented....
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    The thing you've bought is a standard chainset and has a bolt circle diameter of 130mm. Have a look on Spa Cycles to see what size chainrings they do in 130 BCD. As mentioned above you won't find a 34 though.

    What you want is a compact with a bolt circle diameter of 110mm. Given the cost of replacing both chainrings it might be cheaper to whack it back on Ebay and buy the correct one. Certainly be less of a faff.

    (I bought an entire groupset in the classifieds on here. That had a standard chainset which was fine for a couple of years. However, as my knees are getting on in years I found I spent so little time in the big ring I've just replaced it with a 46 / 36 CX chainset. just over £50 brand new from Ribble. - Much more flexible / versatile for the elderly cyclist in gently rolling terrain! Both chainrings in constant use.)
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    Yep, you got a good deal because less people want to buy a standard chainset on eBay - more people are trying to change to a compact like you.

    Put it back on and then wait for the right one - plenty around, just be patient.

    I've done that before and ended up making a profit reselling the item...
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    I always find grinding a few unwanted teeth of with an angle grinder helps. It also saves weight and improves shifting and gear ratio as ratio= #of teeth on driven/#of teeth on driver. Simples