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Pila, Aosta, Italy is one of those places that doesn't get much press. I heard it was really good from people that had been, trying to find videos of Pila was near impossible. So we went to Pila, Aosta with The White Room and it was our first time we were let loose in a Bike Park and first time wearing full face helmets. Our minds were blown, an 11km descent to the valley floor was crazy, no pedalling, blue sky, dustry trails and the smell of cooking brakes! The World Cup DH track was good fun, I can see why people walk the course before.

My friend had multiple punctures including a double puncture. While fixing the double puncture a couple of Germans also got punctures in the same place, lucky we were there as they didn't have a pump. I think the total for punctures was 7 for my friend and 0 for me on that day.

I recorded this from 2013, unfortunately the saddle cam fell off and the other chest cam was too shakey. We had to walk up the trail and find the gopro saddle cam, luckily we found it, along with a jockey wheel and a nice pen knife. The jockey wheel came in handy when a jockey wheel disintergrated the following day.

While I was looking for places to stay for this year’s visit, everywhere seems booked, I remembered I hadn't done anything with the footage so here it is:



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    Nice vid, looks like great fun :D

    Your friend needs to go tubless :wink:
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