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Canyon Speedmax AL 8.0 (new wheels on)

supermurph09supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
edited May 2015 in Your road bikes
In amongst riding my normal hills, I've decided to focus on Time Trials this year so having been impressed with my Canyon CF SL 9.0 I stuck with the brand and went for the entry level Speedmax AL. Considered going up the range of AL to get better wheels but the intention is to add a Raltech disc in the next month or so anyway. I've moved my Stages PM from my road bike as well.

I've had the bike since December, it's been on the turbo all this time apart from it's maiden voyage on Saturday where I was pretty impressed with it. First face is this weekend, (25m 2UP TT), so looking forward to racing on it.

The 105 groupset is really crisp, the wheels feel pretty quick and despite only being 30mm do make a nice whooshy noise. A few more tweaks needed to the position but happy for now.



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