Step through bikes and child seats........

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Hi all,

I've been cycling for a few years now and once my son was born, we got a baby seat that fit on my bike like this one.
couple of years down the line, we now have a daughter as well and whilst my wife is on maternity leave, she wants to buy herself a bike and have the baby seat on the back of it (She is sick of using mine as its too big, I'm 6 foot 3 and she is 5 foot 4!) This is great news, until she tells me she has her heart set on the step through frame designs as it is easier to get on and off with a child seat on the back. Examples of the styles she is interested in are below.
th_2013-kettler-step-thru-250.jpg th_halcyon_aquilla_1.jpg th_Raleigh-Detour-4.5-Step-Through-Womens-Bike.jpg
My only problem with this is finding a baby seat to fit properly. Our current one cannot clamp on the seat tube due to either brake cables being in the way, or there not being enough clearance.

Has anyone got any suggestions or use a similar design bike with a baby seat? I found a Topeak Babyseat II on Evans which looks good, does anyone else use these?




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    You have two options really.

    1) Find a brand that will fit on the seat tube around the cables. The new style Hamax brackets have been designed to fit around cables so might work on the bike your wife chooses. Also Hamax make different shaped bars that can help to fit around smaller framed bikes by avoiding the saddle etc.

    2) Rack mounting. If you cannot fit to the seat tube then your only other option for a rear seat is to rack mount one. Once again I would suggest Hamax for this as their system allows you to fit it to pretty much any rack, so if the bike you choose comes with a rack then chances are the Hamax system will fit. It just clamps around the outside of the rack frame.

    For the latter option this is probably one of the best looking seats I've seen and also has loads of great features that'll help you and your little'uns! ... r-ec060186