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Cyclist Beware!

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Hello cyclists,

I recently had a scare whenI was riding on the hill A640 Huddersfield Road. I want to share this with you so you can be aware of the possible dangers that I had encountered.

I was training for my 560 mile cycle challenge and was on the A640 Huddersfield Road. In the fog and sleet I was cycling uphill for about 3 miles when a small car suddenly pull over just in front of me. As i approached the rear of the car I noticed the two Asian chaps unclipping their seatbelts. I also noticed they had a long knives. At the sametime another vehilce drove passed us, the males quick buckled up. I carried on cycling on the long road, which had no turnings and i had no choice to carry on. The mentioned vehilce started to drive slowly passed me and the males looked in my direction. I thought I was going to be attacked from behind, but lucky this never happened, the vehilce carried on.

I observed the vehilce stop further up the hill, again, my thought was, are they waiting for me. I could not turn around and ride in the opposite direction, due to this being a long road and in the hills. I had no choice but to continue. The car turned around and headed towards my directions, at the same time another vehilce came passed. The car with the two asian males drove pass me and at the same time stared in my direction, as if to say, I was lucky.

There is no doubt in my mind that if those to other two vehilces had not drove pass at that time I would not be here now writing this. I am very aware of my surrounding due to my military experience and on that day, luck was on my side.

I did not report it to the police because it would of fell on deaf ears and no real harm done, other than a very bad experience.

I have decided to write this, to make all you cyclist aware of the dangers. Be care and observant when your are out cycling.
560 mile cycle challenge to raise funds for.
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